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Shift from Stuck to Soaring

Sometimes I get in a rut with my eating habits.

It usually starts when I’ve consistently made healthy food choices for a few weeks. Then I’ll have a really great day—I get a lot of work accomplished, I get my physical activity in even though I was busy, the kids are getting along, it’s a Friday. And I’ll think, “I’m going to treat myself to chocolate and wine...and maybe some fries."

The next day I’ll treat myself again. In fact, I’ll just relax for weekend. I won’t go overboard, but I won’t hold myself to my usual standards.

A couple of weeks later, I realize I have made NEW standards for a healthy lifestyle and they’re REALLY low.

This is a cycle that I’ve repeated over and over. But as I tell my clients, “Giving up is the worst thing you can do for your health.”

It may take a week, a month, or more to get back on track but your health is worth the effort and you’ll feel the benefits—short-term and long-term.

These practices help me go from “Stuck to Soaring”:

  • Self-Compassion

    • Treat yourself with kindness.

  • Choose one goal

    • Get back on track by focusing on one small, attainable goal at time.

    • Make a plan for reaching your goal.

  • Routine/Habits

    • Once you’ve reached a goal, continue to follow your plan until it becomes routine.

  • Social support

    • Surround yourself with people who support your goals.

When your routine becomes disrupted, remind yourself that it happens to everyone and set reachable goals for yourself.

Looking for help to become unstuck?

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