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Energize Your Mind

During the month of June, I shared tips for nourishing your body: choosing the right foods at the right time to support your energy levels and mental clarity.

During the month of July, I’ll share evidence-based strategies for developing habits and routines to CONSISTENTLY keep your body nourished and energized and your mind focused.

This ties into the part of my tagline that reads, "Energize Your Mind." Here's what I mean by that:

When your mind is “energized,” your thoughts are clear and focused when they need to be; not cluttered by indecision.

What does this have to do with food and nutrition?

  1. the right foods at the right time can promote mental clarity

  2. when healthy food choices become a habit, the mind is free to focus on other things like work, play, and friends and family.

I introduced some strategies to help you make healthy choices in my June 15th blog, “Shift from Stuck to Soaring.”

  • Learn self-compassion

  • Choose attainable goals

  • Develop a specific plan to reach that goal

  • Make that plan a habit/routine

  • Surround yourself with people who support your goals

This month, I dive into each of these strategies a little deeper to help you develop healthy, personalized goals and habits to free your mind up to focus on the things you need to and to fully engage in the things you love to do.

During the month of July, I will also be organizing group classes. If you are interested or know someone who might be, drop me a line at

Check back for my next blog post on the importance of “self-compassion” in reaching your wellness goals.

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