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No Time to Meal Plan; I've got better things to do

I don’t have time to plan meals.

OK, I “technically” have the time, but there are SO many things I’d rather be doing.

After years of resenting the time I spent trying to consistently plan healthy meals for myself and my family, I decided I had to figure out a method that basically does the work for me.

I needed a QUICK reference to

  • Give me meal ideas for any occasion that are energy-filled and healthy

  • List all the ingredients I would need for each meal

  • Contain the contact info for my favorite places to eat out and my favorite meals from those places

  • Meals that have foods that everyone in the family likes

  • Decrease the time I spend planning meals—no more than a few minutes a week

  • Change as my life changes

It was a tall order but I did it.

Here are my three main meal planning strategies:


  • Make a list of favorite meals (and/or those of family)

  • No judgement allowed; just make the list.


  • Sort meals into “mindful” meals, “grab & go,” and “eating-out” meals.


  • If each meal doesn’t already have a good source of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber, add a food to the meal that fills the gap. <Link to previous blog on Energy Meals>.

Now I have a reference that I can use whether I’m sitting down to plan meals for a week or need ideas at the last minute.

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