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E is for Energy, E is for Eggs

If you need energy to keep up with a demanding day at work, to chase your kids around the park, to stay active, or just make it through another day, eggs are a great food to provide sustained energy in a quick and easy meal.

Egg Facts

  • Affordable and quick and easy to prepare

  • About 70 calories in one large egg

  • About 6 grams of protein, which provides energy and can help you feel fuller longer

  • One of the best dietary sources of choline, which is associated with cognitive performance

  • Provide lutein and zeaxanthin which promote eye health

  • Lutein is also associated with cognitive function in older adults and academic performance in children

Quick and Easy

  • Boil several eggs to add to meals or snacks throughout the week. (The USDA Foodkeeper app states hard boiled eggs keep one week if refrigerated.)

  • Scrambled eggs can be added to foods like

leftover rice and vegetables and sautéed for easy fried rice,

or tortillas with shredded cheese and salsa for burritos.

So next time you shop, don’t forget the eggs!

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