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Maintaining Mental Clarity

Factors such as lack of sleep, stress, medications, and health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and COVID/long haul COVID impact our mental clarity. Many refer to this impaired ability to think clearly, impaired reaction time or ability to remember as brain fog. Whatever the cause and whatever you call it, there are a few practical things you can do to help improve and maintain your mental clarity.

It is estimated that the brain consumes 20% of the body's energy, which one reason nutrition is so important to mental clarity. Click here to learn more.

Explore what wellness means to you


"I took the Mindful Meal Planning Class with Shauna Hill and I really thought it was helpful. The information Shauna shared about how to take my family's favorite meals a tweak them to make them healthier and more balanced to give us the nourishment and energy our bodies need has made a big difference for us. My family loves still having their favorite things and I feel better knowing they are getting the nutrients they need. 


" also appreciated the handouts she shared, one of them specifically was on planning meals for the week and it included a section about the activities for that day. This has been a huge help for our family, often we would plan meals and not realize we had an appointment or meeting. This would throw off our meal plan and we'd end up picking something up in a drive thru. That simple little addition to the meal planning sheet has helped our family immensely." 

--Sarah S.

Shauna, I really appreciate your posts. So true to life and thought provoking. They give me inspiration!

We are all on this journey to health and it is well worth it.

--Michele L.

I am honored to be featured in a podcast series from the


Nourishing Rest for Well-being podcast with Leigh Taylor


Nourishing Rest provides restorative well-being support for those with chronic illness and chronic fatigue with an emphasis on practices for wellness, balance, and good health.

To listen click on the following links:


Listen to the interview


part of a podcast series

by Nourishing Rest with Leigh Taylor

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