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Eating In--Again

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Right now our whole family is under the same roof 24/7 for at least 3 weeks—working from home and doing schoolwork from home.

If you followed me in January, you know our family committed to not eating out for the month of January (with 2 exceptions). Now that Michigan is closing restaurants and bars, it looks like we could be eating in for another month.

Here are a few things I’m doing to avoid spending every moment preparing food for everyone:

  • Preparing all the fresh vegetables and fruits we’ll need for several days

  • Setting out a variety of fruits, vegetables and shelf stable proteins on the kitchen counter, so when it’s time to eat, everyone can fend for themselves.

  • Using more of what I already have on hand; like the 2 bulk boxes of ramen I accidently bought last year. My boys could slurp up several bowls of ramen soup in one sitting. To make it healthier, I throw in chopped up vegetables—I really like broccoli and bok choy. I also pour in about ¾ of the flavor packet to cut down on the sodium.

A word about fresh produce

The most recent advice from experts (as of this morning) is that there is no reason for healthy people to avoid fresh produce due to COVID-19.

As always, we need to wash our hands frequently and wash produce thoroughly with clean water before using it.

Please read the following articles for more information:

Don’t fear eating your fruits and veggies as virus concerns grip nation (Purdue University)

4 Steps to Food Safety (US Dept of Health and Human Services)

Other News!

  • If you have beans on hand, you can try my daughter’s recipe, which I’ll share in my newsletter this week. It’s awesome! So please subscribe to my newsletter by going to my home page and scrolling down to “Subscribe”.

  • I’m excited to be creating a new mini course specifically to help nurses plan quick, accessible meals for both home and work. It should be released at end of April; I’ll let you know how to access as soon as it’s complete.

Take care this week and stay healthy!

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